About Us

 2022, the year when fashion will take on a broader and more revolutionary meaning, is marked by the creation of MINJ, a 100% Moroccan haute couture brand, inspired by love, originality, new creations revealing our origins and our customs in their great sense of modernity, intended for women and men from all over the world. The exclusivity of our brand is reflected in our limited pieces, handcrafted, with great craftsmanship behind, and above all designed with great creativity. MINJ tries to approach aspects of sustainability such as upcycling, giving a second life to already known fabrics and creations where we play with patterns, colors, fabrics. We create a shopping experience where the MINJ essence involves all the senses, and we constantly work to surprise and create a close relationship with the brand. We always try to integrate the customer into the creative process in one way or another. 

In her room, a child with a passion for fashion, as eccentric as she is extravagant, as chic as she is creative, draws and imagines all these gorgeous creations.

Ambitious and determined, today this little girl becomes Maria Molina, fashion designer, graduate of the Instituto Europeo Di Design de Madrid. 

With no limits, she puts in each of her works as much of her expertise as well as her childhood imagination.

Minj is a brand dedicated to transforming the industry for a more sustainable future by using dead stock fabrics from other brands and giving them a new life as an alternative to overproduction, overconsumption, and the wasteful practices/habits of the fashion sector. 

In Minj, we always keep in mind the use of suitable materials for the body, we treat the fabric and test it before creating the garment to avoid dermatological discomfort.
We do not follow a fixed timeline in the creation and production of clothing, we create for men and women according to inspiration and according to materials.

We take advantage of all materials, always creating a limited number of garments, avoiding overstocks